Creative Mornings: Simplicity Sep 29 • 8:30am • 10:00am | At Heathman
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CreativeMornings is an ongoing, accessible event for the creative community. The concept is simple: breakfast a short talk one Friday morning a month. CreativeMorning is free of charge and open to anyone.


September’s theme is: Simplicity

In the design traditions of Scandinavian and Japanese minimalism, the paring down of possessions creates a greater sense of tranquility and ease. Simplicity invites us to imagine how rich we might feel when we make do with less.

But put another way, what if we imagined simplicity not in terms of absence but essence? In a world of confounding variables, layers of additional nuance and context, and the mind-boggling complexity of systems upon interdependent systems, simplicity drives us to get to the deep core of the matter. The etymological roots of simplicity refers to a single, indivisible nature. The heart unifies the whole.

Where can you exercise restraint and streamline excess? How will you find clarity amidst chaos?


About the Speaker

Geoff is a recovering city planner, current geographer who’s passion lies in explaining the intricacies of the world in a digestible manner. He currently runs a popular YouTube channel, Geography By Geoff, where he uploads weekly videos that explain how the world works. In addition to YouTube, he has a podcast and Substack called Geography Is Everything Geography with professor Hunter Shobe at Portland State University. If it’s related to geography, Geoff is probably interested in it.

The world is a complicated place, but that doesn’t mean we can’t break it down so people can understand it better! Geoff will talk about his journey from working as a city transportation planner to making a living by simply explaining the world. You’ll come away with a better understanding of how geography can explain everything!