Tuesday Night Craft Club: Candle-Making with Vine & Viper Sep 05 • 6:00pm • 8:00pm | At Heathman
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Like making cool stuff with other cool people? Tuesday Night Craft Club might be for you!

Each week we’ll team with a different Portland artist, artisan, or maker and offer a hands-on class that showcases The Rose City’s creative cache. You’ll leave with a made-it-yourself souvenir, and because 100% of the ticket revenue goes directly to the instructor, you can even start calling yourself a patron of the arts! Tickets are extremely limited and will go fast, so buy yours today.


Candle-making with Vine & Viper

If you make a Venn-Diagram of “things you can burn,” “things that smell good,” and “things that are Earth-friendly,” right at the middle sits a Vine & Viper Candle. At this workshop, you’ll learn the candle-making process, plus the ethos that drive this locally-owned small business. You’ll even leave with your own custom candle!

Vine & Viper was founded in 2020 by cousins Kayle and Rowan. Each candle is personally tested, handcrafted, and packaged right here in Portland, Oregon. Their aim is to create products that spark joy, heal, and ground. Each candle is created with specific intentions and thoughtfully selected components.