Zaireeka! The Flaming Lips Listening Party Aug 22 • 4:00pm • 6:30pm | At Heathman
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Planning to have your mind blown by The Flaming Lips during their sold-out show at Pioneer Courthouse Square? Protect your cerebral cortex! Prime your brain with a rare 4-turntable listening party of the bands’ 1997 experimental masterpiece, Zaireeka!

Zaireeka is designed to be played simultaneously on four different stereos, where spatial acoustics, sound system quality, and chaos theory all combine to make each listening a once-in-a-lifetime listening experience. Because of these constraints, Zaireeka has remained elusive to all but the most industrious of fans. That all changes at 4:30pm sharp, when the needles first drop. Guests can roam the Heathman’s Library and Mezzanine. exploring how the various spaces shape the sound, all while enjoying a Flaming Lips-themed cocktail. Then at 5:15 we’ll rotate the records and do it all again! Not one but TWO opportunities to experience Zaireeka, both guaranteed to be unlike anything you’ve ever heard.

Don’t know Zaireeka? Click here to get an education.